9 Strategies To Increase Your Website Traffic

Did you know that 91% of content never gets any traffic from Google? That’s pretty insane when you think about it… 

Sia Dauda

Sia Dauda

Client Success Manager
Wholehearted Social
January 10, 2021

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Did you know that 91% of content never gets any traffic from Google? 

That’s pretty insane when you think about it… 

So where on earth do you get your website traffic from, if not Google which handles 3.5 billion searches per day and has a 92% share of the global search engine market?

If you are struggling with driving traffic to your website, just remember you are not alone.

Implementing these 9 strategies is the perfect way to start getting results and ahead of your competition. 

9 proven ways to increase your website traffic

1. Guest Posting

Guest posting is when you publish an article on another website. Not only does this increase the number of backlinks to your website which is great for SEO, but it also builds awareness of your brand from a new audience and drives referral traffic to your website. 

You can also use guest posting as a way to collaborate with thought leaders and position your brand as an authority within your industry.

When choosing where you can contribute a guest post - it is always a good idea to first think about your topic area and relevant keywords you wish to use throughout your article. 

You will also want to check out their domain authority score. A website’s domain authority (DA) score gauges the strength of a website and its ability to rank well on Google. 

Ideally, you want to be guest writing for websites that rank 50 or above as you are much more likely to rank for your chosen keywords and increase your probability of getting better results. 

2. Active Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a sure-fire way to get eyes on your website, the trick is having a solid strategy, staying consistent and continually monitoring your results. 

You can have a peek at your social media analytics and find out exactly which posts drove the most traffic to your website, once you’ve done this - then create more content similar to this. 

We send our clients a monthly overview of their top-performing social content each then recap at the end of the year so we know which posts will be great to repurpose for the year after. This is a great strategy for maintaining momentum on your social posts to help with your engagement over the year and maximising number of link clicks from your content and on to your website. 

There are also some short-term boosting methods for example hosting a giveaway, running an online event, creating free resources - these methods are all great for getting customers to your website and growing your email list. 

3. Blog Posts

We highly recommend featuring a blog on your website - even better if you could host videos and then transcribe that content on your blog. Why? Because viewers generally retain 95% of a message when they watch it on video, compared to 10% when reading it in text. 

Blogging also allows your brand to develop a level of depth that can make you stand out from your competitors. Yes short, fun engaging video is great - but it is the longer form content that truly builds rapport and builds a loyal community. 

Another benefit is that Google does not like static websites so even blogging once a month is better than doing nothing and not maximising the potential from your website. It allows you to use specific blog topics to also speak directly to your customers and provide them with free value that will bring them back to your website over and over. 

Here are 6 ways to optimise your blog for maximum reach.

  1. Know your target audience and what they care about 
  2. Search and identifyeasy to rank for keywords
  3. Optimise your post around your keyword/s
  4. Bring new, creative, quality content that speaks to your audience
  5. Link internally and externally throughout the blog post
  6. Publish blog posts regularly 

4. Influencer Marketing

Brands expect to pay $15 billion annually on influencer marketing by 2022 (Mediakix) with 70% of businesses say the quality of traffic from influencer marketing is at a better quality than other sources.

Leveraging an influencer’s audience to position your brand, increase your credibility and drive traffic to your website is a easy and relatively cost-effective way to improve sales. 

Read our ultimate guide to influencer marketing here

5. Email Marketing

With over 4 billion email users, email marketing is the leading marketing channel. Not only that, email marketing has an ROI of $38 of every dollar spent - if you geek out on numbers like we do, this number will excite you. 

It’s even more powerful than social media as you actually own your email list so you don’t have to worry about Zuckerberg shutting you down just because. 

Here are the 8 best practices to increase your website traffic through email marketing:

  1. Create highly-optimised, engaging website pages
  2. Offer an incentive on site to capture emails 
  3. Ensure your subscribers double opt-in for quality subscribers 
  4. Let subscribers know what to expect from your emails
  5. Make your emails branded, visually appealing with relevant links directing your website
  6. Make your email's interface mobile-friendly
  7. Make sure you are personalising your emails
  8. Respond to email replies in a timely manner 

6. Paid Advertising

Paid advertising can help you achieve your web traffic goals faster if you plan and execute everything strategically and then scale at the right time to maximise your results. 

There are many types of paid advertising for example PPC, Google Ads, Social Media ads, etc. You can choose any one of them provided you have a very clear understanding of creative direction, your key performance indicators (KPI’s) and your target audience.

7. Directories

Directories are websites or listings services where you can list your business. Directories are a cost effective yet highly underrated strategy to get more traffic to your website and increase your sales.

It’s free to list your website on the major search engines such as Google My Business, Bing Places, and Yahoo. There is also  Yelp  which is you can list your business on for free. We’d advise exploring local directories where you can drive local traffic to your website too. 

Bonus points if you capture reviews too from websites such as Trust Advisor or Google my business. It adds to your credibility even further. 

8. Create retargeting ads

95% of first-time visitors are not ready to buy from your website and it takes at least 3 visits to make the visitors at least think of buying from you.

Retargeting ads are effective not only for increasing your website traffic but also increasing your conversions as with this method you are targeting a warm audience base.

With retarget campaigns you can analyse a customers actions to create a more personalised experience for your customer which would ALWAYS recommend. The more high-touch you can be in your marketing the better. 

9. Leverage YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the second largest search engine with 30 million daily users. You can increase your website traffic by running YouTube ads, adding your website URL into the description box, adding annotation links to your video, or collaborating with other successful YouTube creators.

In 2022, it is predicted that an average person will be spending 100 minutes per day watching online videos - so don’t miss out in this massive opportunity to get more customers on your website. 

We DARE YOU to try all 10 to explode your traffic this month.

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