How Income Claim Marketing Can Lead to Burnout

It's no secret that income claim marketing is a powerful tool for businesses to draw in customers. But it can also lead to serious burnout. What is income claim marketing? How does it work? And why do we get sucked into its promises of wealth and success? In this blog post, we'll explore these questions and offer some tips on how to avoid the pitfalls of income claim marketing. 



September 19, 2023

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It's no secret that income claim marketing is a powerful tool for businesses to draw in customers. But it can also lead to serious burnout. What is income claim marketing? How does it work? And why do we get sucked into its promises of wealth and success? In this blog post, we'll explore these questions and offer some tips on how to avoid the pitfalls of income claim marketing. 

What Is Income Claim Marketing? 

Income claim marketing is a regular feature on social media. This tactic involves making claims about potential earnings or profits from using a product or service. These claims are often exaggerated or unrealistic; yet they entice us with the promise of easy money from investing our time and resources. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always deliver on promises - resulting in frustration and burnout down the line.  

How Does Income Claim Marketing Work? 

When faced with enticing offers like “make $10k per month by following our program!” who wouldn't be tempted? Equally, when you have a product or service that you know would help people, the temptation to make bold promises is real. 

Unfortunately, these strategies don’t always deliver lasting success. They don’t take into account factors like customer loyalty and brand recognition - essential components for businesses aiming for sustained growth over time. 

Income claim tactics can provide valuable insights when used responsibly - but the promised outcome isn’t 100% guaranteed, and you can’t promise someone else that outcome for certain either.

This type of advertising works because we are wired for instant gratification. It’s human psychology: we want results quickly. Especially something like extra cash flow! Having ultimate faith in our ideas is a good thing - that optimism drives successful entrepreneurship. It also means that any possibility of achieving those goals faster has a big appeal. 

Why Are Income Claim Marketing Tactics So Temptimg? 

A study carried out by the University of Warwick (2020) showed that advertising has the capacity to make us unhappy. Now, as digital marketers, we know that when done right, advertising is a powerful tool to motivate, inspire and elevate our customers. When used negatively, it can make us feel, well…crap.

The study states that ‘making social comparisons can be harmful to us emotionally’. Income claim marketing does just this. It provokes comparisons, making people doubt their progress and feel the need to invest RIGHT NOW. Think scarcity tactics such as using early bird pricing or putting a time frame on the offer. 

Another key factor? Novelty. In our society money isn’t often discussed. And let’s be honest - we’re nosy. A survey carried out by Hearst found that whilst 68% of participants (all female, aged 18-34) are comfortable talking about their mental health, only 48% are comfortable talking about their finances. For many, income is a taboo. 

The rise of social media and hustle culture means that suddenly, online, people boast about their income and lifestyle. This gives the impression that a 6 or 7-figure income is the norm. The novelty of these claims makes them even more tempting. 

Income Claim Marketing Can Lead to Burnout 

The results of all this can be negative. Unhealthy comparisons, building pressure on business owners, and elevation of unrealistic monetary goals over personal values. 

Even the most successful business owners sometimes worry that they’re doing it all wrong. Income claim marketing can contribute to that anxiety. 

In these moments, we get distracted by ideals detached from our own. We feel insecure and compare ourselves to other people’s versions of success. Income claim marketing centres financial goals, elevating them to the extreme.

Success is then determined by an arbitrary monetary figure. This pushes our goals out of alignment with our personal values and brand vision.  

It’s SO important to understand what success means to you. When you’re chasing tangible goals built on real values, then the goal-posts become clear. When you’re chasing money, the race never ends. And this can lead to burnout. 

Top Tips to Avoid Getting Sucked in by Income Claim Marketing

Now let’s be clear, there’s no shame here. We’re all human, and we’re all chasing our dreams - income claim marketing works for a reason. But your priority should always be to look after yourself, focus on your values, and avoid burnout. 

Follow these tips to keep on track: 

1. Unsubscribe to channels using marketing tactics that make you feel bad about yourself. Unfollow, mute, do what you got to do. Follow pages that inspire, rather than demotivate.

2. Acknowledge your achievements and how far you’ve come. Notice when you are in comparison mode - cut that stream of thought off quickly. Go for a walk to reset, hit the gym or do a boxing class - do what feels good for you and remove the negativity. 

3. Understand that marketing is a constant cycle of testing - learning - optimising. Look at what's worked and what hasn’t worked. The answer lies in your audience's engagement & feedback. Focus on what works best for YOUR business - not what works best for someone else. 

4. Remember that marketing aims to make you take action. This can be done by making you feel good OR by making you feel bad. If it’s provoking action by making you feel bad, it might not be the right move.

5. Follow your gut. Re-evaluate your values, ethics, mission and purpose statement. Tune in to your intuition. If you post something that makes you feel a bit icky, that energy is often transmitted to your audience. They will likely feel that same ick! 

Income Claim Marketing is a complicated tactic. It draws on very human impulses - to reach goals, fast. However, getting caught up in instant gratification can pull you away from your goals. Being in alignment with the marketing you use is paramount to success without burnout.

Keep your values in mind. If a marketing tactic makes you feel uncomfortable, then move away from it. In eCommerce, the proof of value is in tangible results: increased engagement, increasing average order values, customer loyalty.

You provide your service best when following your gut instinct. Avoid unhealthy comparison, prioritise your values. 

Wholehearted uses organic tactics to expand your audience - in alignment with your values. We promise to hear your story and amplify your voice. From there, success is determined by your goals, not an arbitrary 6-digit figure. 

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