How to Calculate Social Media Engagement Rate

Engagement rate: What is it?‍ By doing the maths, you can see how many people are actively engaging with your content. Here's how to calculate your engagement rate.



March 23, 2023

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So, you want to see how well your social media campaigns are doing but don’t know where to start. There’s a lot to consider - likes, shares, comments, followers. Which is most important? Actually, it’s a combination - by considering how your audience interacts with your content, you can calculate your social media engagement rate. 

It’s a key metric for measuring the success of any social media campaign. As we know, it’s not all about followers. We’re aiming for an actively engaged audience. 

Engagement rate: What is it?

By doing the maths, you can see how many people are actively engaging with your content, and just how well your marketing strategy is working.  

Not a maths person? Don’t worry. Calculating your engagement rate is simple: 

(Likes & reactions + link clicks + comments + shares) / Total reach x 100 = Engagement Rate

Use this to track changes over time and compare performance across channels. 

To calculate the average engagement rate for the month, add your engagement rates together and divide them by the number of posts from that particular month. 

Why is the engagement rate so important?

It can seem hard to figure out which social media metrics matter, but it doesn’t need to be. Ultimately, the more you know about how your audience relates to your content, the better.

Understanding your engagement allows you and your marketing team to analyse the effectiveness of campaigns. Knowing what content resonates best with your audience will inform future strategy, allowing you to focus on creating that quality material that drives conversation and conversion. 

Engagement rates and influencer marketing

Influencer marketing campaigns reach a big audience - this is why they’re so effective. 

A solid understanding of engagement is crucial to running an impactful campaign. 

Through engagement rates, marketers can identify which influencers are driving the most interactions - and whose posts are flopping. This will determine where they should focus their resources to maximise ROI. 

When we select influencers for our campaigns, their engagement rate plays a big part. It establishes the value of their reach and tells us they can make things happen for our brands. The engagement rate is a negotiation piece, and a tool to pitch your brand to others.

High engagement secures you visibility on social media and makes you appear more trustworthy to new viewers. 

Using your engagement rate to improve your performance 

Track your engagement and respond to it. Your campaign strategy should be defined by which posts receive more tangible engagement, and whether this engagement translates into conversions. 

Compare and contrast! Check out how your engagement rate compares to averages. 

Here are some benchmark engagement rates (from Social Insider’s Social Media Industry Benchmarks 2023 Study): 

TikTok: 4.25%

Instagram: 0.60%

Facebook: 0.15%

Twitter: 0.05%

Having a clear strategy that is attentive to engagement rates is the best way to grow your reach. If certain content is getting engagement, then go with it. 

At Wholehearted, we offer monthly reports showing you how your engagement rate differs from month to month. This gives invaluable insight into what content resonates with your brand. Our data-driven approach measures progress from beginning to end, providing you with clear tangible insights.

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