How To Support Ukrainian Refugees in the UK 

Having followed this crisis for over a year, you may feel desensitised; many people feel powerless to help. But Ukrainian refugees are still in need of support here in the UK.



August 6, 2023

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How To Support Ukrainian Refugees in the UK 

The world has watched atrocities unfold in Ukraine since Russia’s invasion in 2022. Having followed this crisis for over a year, you may feel desensitised; many people feel powerless to help. But Ukrainian refugees are still in need of support here in the UK. 

Negative rhetoric about immigration is everywhere. At Wholehearted, that’s not our style. We believe that diversity is what makes us great. It’s part of the fabric of our brand culture. We’ve made it a priority to support Ukrainian refugees in the UK. Here’s how you can do the same. 

How can I help Ukrainian refugees in the UK? 

The cost-of-living crisis in the UK is ongoing. It’s been tough for everyone. For many, supporting Ukrainian refugees by donating money is not an option. Without spare cash, you might feel unable to help. But look again! There are many ways that you can support Ukrainian refugees in the UK without having to spend money. Don’t underestimate your impact. 

Supporting displaced Ukrainians goes far beyond donating money. Think about it: an individual travelling from a war-torn nation to a new country. Starting a new life is daunting. Getting to a place of safety is hard enough. Once here, settling in takes time, effort and a lot of support. 

We all have something to offer to ease that transition. A work opportunity, a friendly chat or some time spent volunteering.  A half hour here and there can make a huge difference - whether it’s language help, cultural adjustment, or practical support. 

Provide work opportunities to Ukrainian refugees

Think about your work. How many freelancers do you collaborate with? What do you outsource? Look further afield, and you could help a Ukrainian refugee seeking work. This costs you nothing. In fact, working with a diverse range of workers is a huge bonus. Diversity enhances work by bringing in a variety of knowledge and perspective.

This is an opportunity to widen your talent pool and support Ukrainian refugees at the same time. It’s a win-win. 

The Dots is a networking site providing opportunities to network and meet collaborators. The platform also launched a great initiative to help businesses provide opportunities for Ukrainian refugees. This programme helps talented Ukrainians find work. Navigating the UK job market in these circumstances is difficult. The Dots provides career advice and support.

At Wholehearted we signed up for this plan immediately. We have been able to provide countless opportunities to Ukrainians who immigrated to the UK fleeing the war. We really recommend signing up to this programme. It’s a wonderful way to get involved and do your bit to support displaced Ukrainian professionals seeking work. 

Can I volunteer to help refugees in the UK? 

Unable to provide work opportunities? Not a problem. You can volunteer. Donate time and skills to help refugees settle into life in the UK. Voluntary work can take place in person or remotely, from the comfort of your own home. 

We’ve found some great remote volunteer opportunities. 

Support Ukrainians learning English:

ENGin is a voluntary organisation helping Ukraine speak to the world. This programme pairs Ukrainian young people with English speakers. Volunteers support Ukrainians with free online conversation practice and cross-cultural connection. 

Working with ENGin, you could provide invaluable support to a young Ukrainian. The programme supports students aged 10-35. Volunteers must: 

  • be 14+
  • fluent in English
  • able to commit 1 hour a week for 10-12 weeks 

Alongside providing life-changing guidance, this promises to be an enriching experience for any volunteer. Get involved here

Volunteer supporting Ukrainian archives;

Do you have spare time? Would you like to apply academic skills to support Ukrainians facing the current crisis? Check out Save Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Online (SUCHO). SUCHO is an initiative working to preserve Ukrainian heritage online. Volunteers collaborate to digitise and archive data from Ukrainian institutions. These range from national archives to local museums. They have even collected memes relating to the war in Ukraine. 

The project has three stated goals: Curate, Donate, Educate. Fill in their volunteer form and head to their website to find out more. 

These are just some options for volunteering. Check out more great volunteering opportunities here! 

Provide housing to displaced Ukrainians 

Do you have a spare room that’s going to waste? You can offer a home to people fleeing Ukraine. Become a sponsor through the Homes For Ukraine government scheme. 

This option isn’t for everyone. For someone keen to help and looking to make the most of spare space in their home, this is a way to make a difference. 

You must meet the following criteria: 

  • You can offer a spare room for at least 6 months
  • If you’re not a British citizen, you have leave to remain for at least 6 months
  • You do not have a criminal record 

This is a great opportunity for people wanting to make a difference. By hosting a Ukrainian family, you provide a stepping stone for them to get settled in the UK in a safe and supportive environment. 

Raise awareness and spread the word 

If the options above aren’t available to you, that’s OK. We’re all working at different levels. Sometimes you don’t have time or space spare. There is another option that is free to all of us, and invaluable: educating ourselves. 

Take the time to learn about the experience of Ukrainian refugees. This is a great starting point. Empathy is so valuable. We can extend this to others every day. By understanding the plight of people affected by conflict, you can share this information and encourage others to do the same. 

Social media provides an opportunity to raise community awareness and promote opportunities to others. If you can’t provide support, others in your network might be able to. Platforms like The Dots are so useful. By posting on networking sites, you can start a positive chain reaction.

Imagine: your post reaches one person looking for a freelancer, or one person seeking volunteer work. Through a bit of research and one post, you’ve already made an impact. 

Never underestimate your capacity to help. Whether it’s a half-hour volunteering or thoughtful hiring, you can make a difference. 

At Wholehearted, we’re all about building a brand with conscience. Reach out to find out how to build empathy and social conscience into the fabric of your brand. 

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