How to use Pinterest to boost Black Friday sales

This guide is to help set you up for success when building out your holiday campaigns on Pinterest. Here are 5 top tips to help you make the most out of Pinterest on Black Friday and avoid those holiday blues.

Kumba Dauda

Kumba Dauda

Founder & CEO
Wholehearted Social
October 1, 2021

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There are so many social media networks that you can use to push your products. Whilst Pinterest isn’t necessarily a social media platform, it is a visual search engine which has more than 450 million every single month. It holds a unique advantage when it comes to pushing both holiday and Black Friday sales as customer’s use this platform to pre-plan their holiday shopping as much as 6-months in advance. Taking a look at the graph below which compares holiday searches on Pinterest to other major search engines, people turn to pinterest first for their ideas as early as August (see below). 

(Pinterest, 2020)

This guide is to help set you up for success when building out your holiday campaigns on Pinterest. Here are 5 top tips to help you make the most out of Pinterest on Black Friday and avoid those holiday blues.

  1. Plan Out Your Content in Advance

There is a +6% incremental sales lift for brands who begin their holiday campaigns early on Pinterest. The most successful holiday campaigns tend to start in September, this is when you want to start increasing your brand awareness for when people start planning their holiday shopping lists. By November, people are warmed up and ready to spend so you want to start thinking about conversion pins by featuring clear CTA’s to get people to buy such as free shipping, price reductions or some time sensitive / last chance offers. 

It is essential to start planning in advance if you want to increase your Black Friday sales on Pinterest. It’s also important to optimise your pre-scheduled pins. Have you ever been scrolling through Pinterest on the hunt for the perfect gift then you find it but the link is broken and you can’t find a way to buy it or it goes to the generic website link and you can’t find it easily on the site. If you aren’t optimising your pins, you are missing out on sales. 

  1. Automate Your Pinterest with Tailwind

Spending hours each day customising your Pins and going crazy trying to plan out your content through the maze of excel sheets is a thing of the past. Tailwind is a Wholehearted favourite we love recommending to our clients because it’s easy to use, saves you time and it is also highly effective in growing your Pinterest account. 

Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduling tool that helps to create designs for your pins, create an optimised publishing schedule based on best posting times, view pin analytics and also boost your reach with their tribe feature. The tribe feature on Tailwind is one of the best ways to grow your pinterest account, it allows you to share others' content and in return they will share yours. It’s a great way to start increasing the number of eyes on your content. It will help you plan out your entire holiday campaign and give you time to focus on the other needle moving tasks in your business. 

  1. Get Specific with Keyword Targeting

Keyword targeting. Sounds boring? Well this is the number one way that the right audience will find you. Researching what keywords will stick before hitting enter can make the world of difference for the success of your Pinterest marketing strategy. We love using Pinterests own advertising keyword research tool which is completely free. It helps you to easily find out the most popular pinterest searches within the industry and what keywords would be relevant for you to optimise your pins. This is where you can laser focus on the best keywords when targeting Black Friday pinterest shoppers. 

  1. Designing your Pins to Stand Out

When designing content, it's best to keep in mind the device that people will be using to access the site. 82% of people using Pinterest do so via the mobile app, not their laptop. So although Pinterest has stated that 1000 x 1500 pixels is the optimal size for pins, you want to make sure you are also optimising your pins for mobile users by creating pins around 600 x 900 pixels also. 

To make sure your pins stand out from your competitors try implementing the newer features on Pinterest such as the idea pins which are similar to stories. You have multiple slides to convey a message or story and Pinterest is actively pushing this content to more users right now. You also need to think about your brand aesthetic on Pinterest, your pins should be easy to read with high quality images and remain within your brand colours as we don’t want to sway too far off-brand. Videos are also a fun idea to get more people engaging with your content - this is definitely a must-try for any ecommerce product based businesses. We can create social media graphics, product photography and product videos for you too, reach out if you want us to help. 

  1. Optimise The Customer Journey

You will be competing against millions of other pins during the Black Friday and holiday sales - but don’t let this disencourage you. Researching your market audience and the latest trends within your industry will help you to truly understand what makes your audience tick which will ultimately give you the upper hand. This way you can create content that truly resonates and speaks directly to them. All you need to do is make them feel heard and listened to and build a relationship with them instead of looking at them like a short-term sale. Remember the journey doesn’t stop after Pinterest, you want to create a lasting impression with a user friendly website and email nurturing sequence to keep the relationship going.

Build Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy for the Holiday Sales.

Don't let this year's Black Friday build up to be a cloud of could have beens and wasted potential for your business. The sooner you get started, the more time there is for you to make sure that your marketing strategy hits the nail on the head. 

Do you need help with your Pinterest Marketing? Contact us today if you want to chat about how we can work together to get ahead with your social media strategy this holiday season.

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