Social Commerce: Why Social Media Shopping is the Future

With the increasing number of online shoppers making purchases every year and...

Kumba Dauda

Kumba Dauda

Founder & CEO
Wholehearted Social
July 6, 2021

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With the increasing number of online shoppers making purchases every year and more people deciding to start their own business — it is safe to say that the eCommerce industry is booming. And let’s just say the major social media platforms have noticed and want in on the action. 

This means that the way users online shopping is changing, and the role of social media in eCommerce is becoming increasingly prominent. Today, users don’t want to spend hours browsing on various websites - instead, they want one platform that they can browse all of their favourite brands where they can simply click through and quickly make a purchase. You might have seen that instagram have a shopping button now on their main navigation toolbar for certain users who are more likely to fit into their online shopper category. 

At Wholehearted Social, we get it! We see the platform changing and how important social is in the eCommerce world. Throughout this article we are going to explain why it’s time to jump on the bandwagon and integrate social commerce into your eCommerce campaigns.

What is Social Commerce?

Social commerce refers to the process of selling products directly through social media. With this type of eCommerce, the entire shopping experience - from discovering the product to the final check out process - takes place directly on a social media platform. Remember social media platforms main goal is to increase the time spent on their app, so this is an ingenious way for them to achieve just that. But it doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of the action! 

Today social platforms that allow for social commerce include Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. For example, you might see a pair of sunglasses on your Instagram feed, click the tag to “shop now,” and finish the purchase right there and then. Or, you could notice a gorgeous new sofa while scrolling through the Facebook feed and click “Buy” right in the app.

Why Should You Care about Social Commerce?

While social commerce is a relatively new eCommerce strategy, we believe that the early-adopters receive the greatest advantages for getting there first! 

Here are four important reasons why you should consider implementing social commerce as a part of your marketing efforts:

1. More Authentic Engagement

Actively working to increase your social media presence is a great first step to eventually making more conversions. This is where one of the most important benefits of social commerce comes in: an increased reach and engagement that brands can get every time they share content. You then have the opportunity to regularly show up in your customers daily feeds for their morning, afternoon and nighttime dose of social media. 

Now you are not just only showing up, you are giving your customers an easy way to buy and capture all of those impulse purchase shoppers. Then instagram will run the same marketing machine again tomorrow and show your products to that same engaged audience.

2. Higher Search Engine Rankings

Social media engagement can lead to more than just direct sales and transactions. Social commerce can actually increase your website traffic, which will, in turn, positively influence your rankings in search engine results. In addition, you can share links to content on your website through social media to drive an additional inflow of traffic.

3. Consistent Audience Growth

One of the most important considerations for any eCommerce business is how to reach and sell to a wider customer audience. The good news is that millions of people are already active on social media, and thousands of new users join social media platforms day-by-day. This means that with specific social media strategies you can continuously grow your follower base and get more and more sales every day.

4. Increased Customer Loyalty and Retention

Using social commerce for your business not only allows you to promote and sell products or services, but also to build good relationships with your customers. By using this opportunity to authentically engage with potential buyers, you can create and maintain relationships based on trust and loyalty. 

Remember to treat first time purchasers just as well as you’d treat repeat buyers, and it will surely pay off in the future. Customers who are satisfied with your product will likely become the cheerleaders for your brand and either purchase from you again or recommend your products or services to others.

Take the New Approach to eCommerce with the Help of Wholehearted

The world of eCommerce and social media is evolving, and so should your strategies. While social apps were once used uniquely for social interactions, they now present an effective platform to complement your eCommerce efforts through the means of social commerce.

Do you want to take advantage of the social media shopping feature but not sure how? Well don’t you worry - because that’s what we do for a living! At Wholehearted Social, we can manage your entire social media eCommerce strategy to deliver exceptional results. Contact us today to learn more.

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