Niyc Pidgeon

Social Media Growth

The Client

Niyc Pidgeon

The Challenge

Our primary goal was to build and implement an organic social media strategy across Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram.

The Objectives

  • Increase organic social media growth across all channels 
  • Increase social media engagement with target audience
  • Create and maintain a consistent brand message and visual identity

Our Solution

We implemented our immersive social media growth strategy. This framework involves immersing our team into the client’s methodologies, values, beliefs to fully understand not only the client but every single point of adversity that her audience faces so we could write copy that would speak directly to them. Immersion is a key step when working with personal brands to successfully create content that truly wins their hearts of their audience.

The Results

  • In first week of management our social post converted into a $10,000 sale
  • Went viral on Linkedin went from average of 113 views to 46,904 views
  • Impressions increased by 213.2% 
  • Engagement increased by 195.1% 
  • Post link clicks increased by 302.2%







Post Link Clicks



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"I was struggling to actively grow my social media platforms and the traffic to my sites with quality leads that actually converted. Wholehearted’s knowledge and expertise is simply incredible."
Jennifer Haride
Director, No Filter
“Wholehearted are professional and efficient meeting deadlines and delivering on expectations. They have helped grow our Instagram and our LinkedIn which has directly resulted in more paying clients.”
Ruth Kudzi
Founder, CEO, Optimus Coaching
“I know I have waxed lyrical repeatedly about how brilliant you are and have recommended you to others, but with work this brilliant, how could I not?!”
Kathrine McAleese
Sociologist, Systemic Psychotherapist and Speaker
“One of the best investments I’ve made in my business.”
Tomayia Colvin
Tomayia Colvin Photography
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